The Link Leash is simply the best hands free leash
for jogging, hiking, and everyday walks!

The Link Leash is crafted in the USA by highly skilled trades people in the heart of America and is made from supple Latigo Leather and durable Stainless Steel hardware, materials commonly used for horse tack. The Link Leash has been tested on the largest and strongest dogs and is designed to provide durability and control, while also offering the utmost comfort, flexibility, and softness. The leather has been beveled, oiled, and buffed to delight you from the moment you receive it, and will continue to soften with regular use.

Guaranteed not to break, even on the strongest pullers!
The Link Leash is the last leash you’ll ever want to own!


  • Jogging and Running – no more hanging onto a leash and either having to hold your hand still or jerking your dog around due to the natural motion of your hands!
  • Hiking – keep your hands free for better balance and the ability to get a drink of water or much on some trail mix!
  • An Everyday Walk – you can carry your water, your dogs toys, and clean up after your dog, without having to hang onto a leash too!
  • At The Dog Park – let your dog run off leash, but keep the leash handy by wearing it!
  • At A Store or The Vet’s Office – free up your hands to get your wallet and carry your purchases!