The Link Leash Story

Thank you for your interest in The Link Leash!  We are family owned and operated, and our products are made right here at home, in the USA.

I originally discovered this style of leash while looking for a hands free leash for my morning jogs with my dog, Pita.  I found it at a mass pet supplies retailer and decided to give it a try.  I was ecstatic after our first jog together!  The leash was comfortable, easy to use, and best of all, it seemed to encourage Pita to stay along side me in the heel position.  Plus, it was useful as a traditional leash, I could use it as a temporary tie out when we were camping or hiking, and if I was watching a friends dog, I could walk both with the one leash.  Why, I wondered, was this leash hiding on the back of the rack at the store.  Everyone should own one!

When I decided to start a dog hiking business, one of my first purchases was three more of these fantastic leashes.  Those three leashes are still in use, five years and countless energetic dogs later.  I’ve hiked with everything from a Jack Russel to a very strong Pit Bull to a 135 pound Great Dane and the leashes have never failed.  As my business grew, many people asked me about the leashes – clients, other hikers, people at the dog park, pet services associates, even an employee at a different pet supply store.  I also wanted additional leashes and was dismayed to find that the pet supply chain no longer carried them.  I called their corporate headquarters to inquire whether there were any left over in stock that I could buy.  I was told no, so I scoured the internet.  I bought several versions, ranging from “custom” made to pre-packaged, but none were like my originals.  I could only find ones made of nylon instead of leather, or made with thick, stiff, unyielding leather, or braided together at the hardware connection points, which made them bulky and uncomfortable.

I’ll just make them myself, I thought!  I headed to the leather supply store, spent quite a bit on tools and supplies, and proceeded to be a complete failure at leather work.  But while researching where to buy leather at the best price, I found a company who would make the leashes on contract for me.  I sent them one of my originals and waited for the prototype.  When I received my first sample leash, I was thrilled!  I had requested a small design change from the original and the new leashes were even better than my originals!  The leather was soft, supple, and just the right thickness and width, like a fine pair of horse reins.  The hardware was high quality stainless steel.  And the design change, which was to attach two sections of leather at the O-ring, instead of attaching the O-ring to one section of leather with a small strip of leather, made the leash much stronger and more versatile.

And so I offer to you The Link Leash – the last leash you’ll ever want to own!

Melanie Kuczora
The Link Leash
Four Paws Adventures